Energy Valve & Actuator
Belimo | Part Number: EV100S182AKRX24EV
Belimo energy valve and electronic fail-safe actuator combo. 1" Valve size with 5.5-18.2 GPM flow rate. 24V supply for actuator. See Data Sheet for technical data for actuator.
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The Energy Valve measures energy using its built-in electronic flow sensor and supply and return temperature sensors. Controls power with its Power Control logic providing linear heat transfer regardless of temperature and pressure variations. An IoT device manages low delta t syndrome and mesures glycol with built-in algorithms.

EV0100S-182 Technical Data

chilled or hot water, up to 60% glycol max (open loop/steam not allowed)

Flow Characteristic
equal percentage or linear

GPM Range
5.5 -18.2

Valve Size
1 “ [25]

End Fitting
NPT female ends

forged brass, nickel plated

Sensor Housing
forged brass, nickel plated

stainless steel

stainless steel

Stem Packing
EPDM (lubricated)

Teflon PTFE

Seat O-ring

Characterized Disc

Body Pressure Rating
360 psi

Media Temperature Range (Water)
14°F to 250°F [-10°C to 120°C]

Differential Pressure Range
5 to 50 psid or 1 to 50 psid see flow reductions chart in tech doc

Close-Off Pressure
200 psi

Inlet Length to Meet Specified Measurement Accuracy
5X nominal pipe size (NPS)

Ambient Humidity
Less then 95% RH non-condensing

Flow Measurement Tolerance

Flow Control Tolerance

Flow Measurement Repeatability

Sensor Technology
ultrasonic with glycol and temperature compensation

Temperature Sensors
PT1000 insertion sensors w/NPT body

Temperature Measurement Tolerance
According to PT1000 DIN EN60751 ClassB

Resolution of Temperature Sensor
0.18°F (0.1°C)

Rated Impulse Voltage
actuator/sensor: 0.8 kV (in accordance with EN60730-1) kV


NEMA 1, UL Enclosure Type 1

6.4 lb

Remote Temperature Sensor Length
Standard: 2 ft. 7.5 in. [0.8m], 9.8 ft. [3m]


Glycol Measurement Accuracy