WiFi Controller
EasyIO | Part Number: EasyIOFW14
A new breed of high performance Wireless Wi-Fi, freely programmable Sedona Controllers, with BACnet IP Client and Server, and a BACnet RS485 client supporting up to 5 external BACnet Server devices. A built-in html live Dashboard and also live programming via the free CPT Tool. Includes two Ethernet ports for daisy chain connection wiring and can also have the built-in Wi-Fi infrastructure connected at the same time as the Ethernet ports for network redundancy. Wired and Wireless deployment is encouraged. Includes 8 UI (voltage and resistance), 4 x AO (Voltage) and 2 x DO with 24VA volt free contact relays. For Floating control, use the optional FR-02 module and add it to the FW-14
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High performance and freely programmable wireless Wi-Fi controller. Will save on labor and wiring. Has BACnet Ip server / client, BACnet MSTP client (combination of BACnet MSTP client and BACnet IP client up to five devices total) and two Ethernet ports for daisy chain connection wiring.

EasyIO-FW-14 Technical Data

Power Supply
24V AC +/- 5% or 24V DC +20%/-15%


Operating temp
0 to 65 °C (32 to 150 °F)

Storage temp
-20 to 65 °C (-4 to 150 °F)

Operating humidity
10% to 70% relative humidity non-condensing

191 x 104 x 44 mm (L x W x H)

UL Approved Plastic

Universal Input
12-Bit ADC (with PGA)
Voltage: 0 ~ 10V DC (+/- 0,05V)
Resistance input: 500 ohms to 500K ohms (+/-10 Ohm)
Thermistor Sensor: 10K, 10K Shunt, 20K, 1K Balco, 1K Platinum: All (+/- 0.1 ºC)
UI as DI: Voltage Free Contact

Digital output
2xDO (with LED’s for status)
Type: Relay Contacts, SPST NO, 48VA at 24VAC
Pilot duty: 24VAC, 2.0A

Analog Output
12-Bit DAC
Voltage: 0~10V, Min Impedance 10k Ohm

Physical Interface 1(Port 1)
EIA-485 Two-wire, Half Duplex

BACnet Baud Rate
Speed: (9.6K, 19.2k, 38.4K), Data Bit: (8 bits), Parity: (None)

WIFI (802.11b/g/n)

2 Ethernet Ports 10/100M

Ethernet/WiFi Support

Application Support
Sedona, BACnet MSTP Client, BACnet IP Server/Client and Tcom