Temperature Sensor
EasyIO | Part Number: EasyIOTSPC24PS
Room Temp LCD Sensor with override and SP adjust
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Large LCD display with backlight and precision thermistor temperature sensor. Sleek nondescript profile and attractive enclosure.

EasyIO-TSPC24PS Technical Data

Power Supply
24 VAC/VDC, ±10%, non-isolated half-wave rectified

Power Consumption
20 mA max

10,000 NTC Thermistor, Type 2

Sensor Accuracy
±0.2°C, 0..+70°C (±0.36°F, +32..+158°F)

Setpoint Range
+16..+26°C in 0.5°C Increments (+60..+80°F in 1°F increments)

Setpoint Signal
Resistance, 0..10,000 , 2 wire

Setpoint Midpoint
Programmable, +20..+23°C or +68..73°F

Setpoint Action
Programmable, direct or reverse acting

Override Switch
Momentary pushbutton, N.O., SPST, 50 mA @ 12 Vdc

Occupied Input
Digital input, 0/5 vdc standard, active low causes “OCC” segment to light on LCD

LCD Range
0..+35°C or +32..+95°F, jumper selectable

LCD Resolution

LCD Size
1.5 in W x 0.65” in H (38.1 mm x 16.5 mm)

LCD Symbols
°C, °F, OCC

LCD Backlight
Enable/disable via jumper

Operating Temp

Storage Temp

Operating Humidity
0..95% RH non-non-condensing

White ABS, IP30 (NEMA1)

Electrical Box or direct to wall

Screw terminal block, 14 to 22 AWG

4.7 in x 3.3 in x 1.15 in (119 mm x 84 mm x 48.8 mm)