I/O Module
Johnson Controls | Part Number: LPFXNDIO160
16 channel input/output module for the FX20/FX60 Supervisory Controllers: Includes 8 universal inputs, 4 relay outputs, and 4 0 10 V analog outputs, maximum of 4 per FX20/FX60 Supervisory Controller, or 2 if combined with NDIO34.
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Expands the I/O footprint of FX supervisory controllers. 8 UI, 4 RO and 4 AO

LP-FXNDIO16-0 Technical Data

8 universal inputs
4 relay outputs
4 analog outputs

3.2 x 4.828 x 2.437 in. (8.2 x 12.24 x 6.19 cm)

Universal Input Types Supported
10k ohm Type 3 thermistors
Thermistor Sensor Range: -23.3 to 115.5°C (-10 to 240°F). Input accuracy is in the range of ± 1% of span
Characteristic curve is customizable
0-10 V; accuracy is ± 2% of span, without user calibration; uses an external resistor for current input (four provided, mounted by installer on terminal connections)
4-20 mA current loop; accuracy is ±2% of span, without user calibration; self powered or board-powered sensors accepted
Dry contact: V open circuit, 300- ?A short-circuit current
Pulsing dry contact at a rate of up to 20 Hz; 50% duty cycle

Digital Outputs
Form A relay contacts suitable for on/off control only; floating control not supported, Max voltage 30 volts AC or DC, 0.5 A max current rating

Analog Outputs
0-10 VDC, Minimum load supported per output is 2,500 ohms minimum or 4 mA drain maximum