Schneider Electric-Buildings | Part Number: MP5433
240 VAC damper actuator for electronic proportional control of dampers, valves, or program switches which require the return to normal position upon power interruption. This series is compatible with 2 to 15 Vdc input signals from TAC System 8000TM, TAC NETWORK 8000, and TAC DMS DDC controllers.
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Proportional actuators controlled by variable Vdc input signal. Hydraulic actuator with oil-immersed motor, transducer, and pump. Available in damper models or base models that require damper or valve linkage.

MA-5433 Technical Data

Compatible with
2 to 15 Vdc from TAC System 8000
TAC DMS DDC controllers

Operating Span
Approximately 3 Vdc fixed

Start Point
Approximately 6 Vdc fixed

10,000 ohm or greater

Power Input
240 VAC

Color-coded 4' (1.2 m) leads

Internal Power Supply
20 Vdc, 25 mA

Approximately 2" (51 mm) over a nominal 6 Vdc (fully retracted) to 9 Vdc (fully extended) input range (includes AM-601 linkage)

15 lb-in

Nominal Damper Area
Actuator selection should be made in accordance with the damper manufacturer’s specifications

Shipping & Storage: -40 to 160 F (-40 to 71 C)
Operating: -20 to 140° F (-29 to 60° C)
Damper: -20 to 140 F (-29 to 60 C)
Humidity: 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing