HW MS8110A1008/U

Direct-Coupled Actuator
Honeywell | Part Number: MS8110A1008

This Honeywell direct-coupled damper actuator with two-position control and spring return, floating control and two internal switches is used within HVAC systems. They can drive a variety of quarter-turn, final control elements requiring spring return fail-safe operation.

Applications include: volume control dampers, mounted directly to the drive shaft or remotely (with the use of accessory hardware); quarter-turn rotary valves, such as ball or butteryfly valves mounted directly to the drive shaft; linear stroke globe or cage valves mounted with linkages to provide linear actuation. This model has 88 lb-in used with 24 VAC plus or minus 20 percent and 50/60 HZ with 24 VDC.

Ships in 4-6 weeks
  • Brushless DC submotor with electronic stall protection for floating/modulating models
  • Brush DC submotor with electronic stall protection.
  • self-centering shaft adapter for wide range of shaft sizes.
    Torque ratings:typical holding, driving, spring return: 88 lb-in (5 Nm); stall maximum: 200 lb-in (22.6Nm)
    Electrical connections:field wiring 14 to 22 AWG to screw terminals, located under the removable access cover
    Stroke:95 degrees, plus or minus three, mechanically limited
    Timing:drive open: 45 seconds, plus or minus 5 seconds
    Design life:50,000 full stroke cycles; 50,000 full stroke spring returns
    Device weight:6 lbs

    For a complete list of technical specs, view the Honeywell information guide.