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Niagara N4 Certification Training

Dec 6-10, online SOLD OUT
| Part Number: NIAGARAN4TRAINING-V-December
Our popular Niagara 4 certification course has gone virtual. Jeff Hunter reconfigured and updated the Tridium Niagara 4 class to accommodate an online format and still get students prepared to ace the certification exam. Students receive a lab book with 40 labs that dive into specific aspects of the framework plus access to instructional videos for each lab and daily office hours with our certified instructor for private questions. Each student will also receive a 3-month temporary Niagara 4 license to complete the course work and continue sharpening your skills even after the class is over.
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  • Q: Can I still take the certification exam with this online course? Yes! This course is approved by Tridium and all students will be prepared to take the certification test on Friday.
  • Q: Will I need to sit at my computer for 8 hours all 5 days? No, this class is self directed. There will be short introductory calls each day, hosted on Controlco's RingCentral platform. Then, office hours will be open for individual questions, from instructors on both coasts. Video labs will be available for the entire 5 days, so you can complete the course on your own schedule.
  • Q: Is a Workbench License or any additional programs required for students in the class? No, students do not need any Niagara licenses during the class. Controlco supplies demo licenses for the class, you will need to use your own laptop.
  • Q: How do I get a copy of my certificate? The exam you take on the final day of class will be graded within two weeks. Certificates are issued by Tridium on your Tridium University account and you can download a PDF when it is ready. No hard copies are provided.
  • Q: If I already have an Niagara AX certification, should I be thinking about getting an N4 certification too? We recommend taking the class that will help you work on the system you have. If you are staying with your Niagara AX system, then there is no need to get the N4 certification right now. But if you know you will migrate over to the N4 system in the future, Tridium requires that you obtain N4 certification before purchasing a Niagara 4 license.
  • Q: I know a little about how to build simple control logic. Will this training class go beyond the basics? The class spends time on building simple control logic and most students find it to be a welcome refresher, since sometimes the technical details of why we do things in the Niagara 4 system are not always clear on a day-to-day basis. But the class does go beyond the basics – we learn to work with Px graphics, drivers, full system architecture and add-on applications. As a professional working in the building automation industry, a Niagara 4 framework certification is helpful, even if you already know the basics.

Through this Niagara 4 certification training course you will learn how to:

  • Link and configure control points
  • Build simple PX graphics
  • Write control logic
  • Driver architecture
  • Niagara network components
  • Work with the kitControl palette for control logic objects
  • Create field bus integrations including BACnet
  • Collect and analyze histories and alarms
  • Build a custom navigation scheme
  • Operate security and user administration
  • Build a station template and a controller template