HW TB7652B5014W/U

Honeywell | Part Number: TB7652B5014W
Wireless thermostat for a multi stage roof top air handling unit. Includes two H outputs, two C output and scheduling.
Ships in 4-6 weeks
Programmable smart fan operation can provide energy savings during night mode. Backlit LCD display with dedicated function menu keys for simple operation. Automatic frost protection to prevents costly freeze damage.

TB7652B5014W Technical Data

Network Protocol
Models available in BACnet MS/TP or ZigBee wireless mesh

WEBs-AX Controllers
Compatible with WEB-2xx, WEB-6xx, and WEB-7xx

Thermostats Per Controller
-126 thermostats
-WEB-2xx: 30
- WEB-7xx: 50

WEB-2xx and WEB-6xx - WEBStation-AX 3.0 or later WEB-7xx - WEBStation-AX 3.5 or later

Thermostat power requirements
19-30 Vac 50 or 60 Hz; 2 VA (RC and C) Class 2 RC to RH jumper 2.0 Amps 48 VA maximum

Operating Conditions
32 F to 122 F (0 C to 50 C)
0% to 95% R.H. non-condensing

Storage conditions
-22 F to 122 F (-30 C to 50 C)
0% to 95% R.H. non-condensing

10 K NTC thermistor onboard

± 0.2 F (± 0.1 C)

Control accuracy
± 0.9 F (± 0.5 C) @ 70 F (21 C) typical calibrated

Occupied and unoccupied setpoint range cooling/heating
54 to 100 F (12.0 to 37.5 C)

Proportional band for room temperature control
Factory set, heating and cooling at 2.0 F (1.1 C)

Digital inputs
Relay dry contact only across C terminal to DI1 or DI2

Contact output rating
Each relay output: (Y1, Y2, G, W1, W2 and AU)
30 Vac, 1 Amp maximum
30 Vac, 3 Amp in-rush

Economizer analog output rating
0 to 10 Vdc into 2K? resistance min

Economizer analog output accuracy
± 3% typical

Wire gauge
18 gauge maximum, 22 gauge recommended