Fan Coil Relay
Viconics | Part Number: VC3300E5000

The Viconics VC3300E5000 is a Line Voltage Switching Transformer Relay Pack Controller, it has been designed for silent control of typical high voltage fan coil devices. It uses advanced microprocessor-based circuitry with a built-in transformer that eliminates all typical required peripheral components when automating a fan coil unit with traditional building automation systems.

The VC3300E5000 line voltage switching transformer relay pack operates as slave unit under the control of a single master VTR73XX terminal equipment controller. A single VTR73XX terminal equipment controller can control up tp 10 VC3000 series relay pack. The VC3000 series relay packs are line-powered units.

Ships in 4-6 weeks
Universal line powered from 90 to 277 Vac - No external transformer needed. 2 configurable inputs adds functionality to the products. Designed to be used in slave fan control only.

VC3300E5000 Technical Data

Power Supply
90 to 277 VAC universal, 50-60 Hz

Output ratings
Heat Valve: (Orange wires): 10 Amps @ 277 VAC maximum
Cool Valve: (Yellow wire): 5 Amps @ 277 VAC maximum
Fan: (red, blue, brown wire(s)): 1/2 HP @ 277 VAC maximum

Operating conditions
0 C to 50 C (32 F ro 122 F)
0% to 95% RH non-condensing

Approximate shipping weight
0.34kg (0.75lb)