WEB-8025-3YR Maint

WEB8000 + 25 dev lic + 3 yr maint
| Part Number: WEB80253YRMaint
WEB 8000 with license for 25 Devices & 1250 Points. Includes standard open drivers. Requires Niagara 4.0 or higher. Includes 3 Years maintenance
Ships in 4-6 weeks
The WEB 8000 is a small and powerful controller embedded with IoT (Internet of Things). It can stream data and rich graphical displays to a standard Web browser via an Ethernet or wireless LAN. The WEB-8000 controller also provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management. It can be integrated with WEBs N4 supervisors to aggregate information.

WEB8000 Controller Technical Data

TI AM3352: 1000MHz ARM® Cortex™-A8


Removable micro-SD card with 4GB flash total storage/2GB user storage

Wi-Fi (Client or WAP)
IEEE802.11n HT20 @ 2.4GHz
IEEE802.11n HT20/HT40 @ 5GHz
Configurable radio (Off, WAP, or Client)
WPAPSK/WPA2PSK supported

Connector Type
USB type A connector
Back-up and restore support
(2) isolated RS-485 with selectable bias and termination
(2) 10/100MB Ethernet ports

Power Supply
24VAC/DC power supply

Runs WEBs-4.1 and later

Operating temperature: -20–60°C (-4-140°F)
Storage temperature: -40–85°C (-40-185°F)
Humidity: 5%–95% — Non condensing
Shipping & vibration: ASTM D4169, Assurance Level II
MTTF: 10 years+

Mounting and Dimension
WEB-8000 controller. Allow at least 1.5" (38mm) clearance around all sides and minimum 3" (76mm) at bottom for Wi-Fi antenna
Expansion module. Up to four (4) may be used.
Distances between center of tabs from one unit to another unit

Other Specifications
Secure boot
Real time clock